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Between selfishness and attitude Putting Interests of Others

Whether humans are selfish person who loves himself and his own selfish interests above the interests of others? Or he was someone who put others in comparing him and put the interests of others than self-interest?

This is a study sheet that spend a lot of study of psychology, the science of morals and sociology. Most experts agree that science is almost by nature man is a self-centered and selfish, and he saw the benefit of others through their self-interest. Some have argued further, that the sacrifices made by the person is no more than a form of egoism wrapped in a mask. People who sacrifice themselves in the struggle to defend aqidahnya field or maintain his country, he did it to get the reward of God or human praise, nor honor the land which he occupied so that he could benefit from the country's honor. However, in addition to that, human beings are basically politicon zoon, which tend to work together, choose to society than solitude, and that in turn will encourage him to give up some of his rights to someone else, so from their partnership with the he can take advantage of the embodiment of honor and interests. Therefore, some kind of sacrifice and the preliminary interest of others, became part of the imperative in building a society without its existence, the community will not be able to live happily. If you do not limit your freedom while driving on the highway with road signs, surely you will not be able to drive safely on the road, good for your soul and your body. If you do not restrict your behavior in the rival `amalah, and keep your hands off the wealth of human, nisacya you can not guarantee the benefits and security of property and wealth. Therefore, the spirit of the law is in one way to guarantee individual rights, and other terms of restricting their freedom. Subject to this law is a form of preliminary and sacrifice the interests of others. In view of shari'ah `ah, he might not get the reward, and in view of ethics and moral experts he probably does not deserve praise, however, it is guaranteed for the regularities of life in a glorious and happy society.

Meanwhile, put the interests of others above self-interest you more than that, this is praised by `ah and by shari'ah principles of morality. He is the attitude that put the interests of others based on personal awareness, it was not imposed by law. And not driven by worldly interests or instant pleasure. In fact, the actions that he chose not to get than to get a personal pleasure, choose the effort rather than casual, pick hunger rather than satiety, and chose death rather than life. The beauty of the sacrifice was not marred by the desire for reward or praise, rewards and praise because it is a meaningful case is expected of supernatural nature. Who gives the actual benefit to the people something with expectation of a meaningful return, then it means that have provided evidence for the soul of a lot more to give than take. Indeed, this is the glory and the height of the batten main and hints of goodness and virtue strong batten.

We owe every pleasure of life in actual and non-material against those who have sacrificed and put the interests of others. We owe it to enjoy electricity, cars, airplanes and radio to the genius scientist who spent many years in the laboratory and examined their homes and continue day and night until they can give to man the result of hard work and suffering they endure. Form of pleasure, knowledge, and health enjoyed by billions of people in the East and West.

We are indebted to the field of science delights to the authors, such as writers, scholars, muhadditsin, mufassirin and philosopher, who devoutly spend their ages to write and meet sheets of paper with the wisdom and knowledge. While everybody else is soundly sleeping or are busy with their lust. Az Zamakhsyari following expression describing what they are doing it:

I stayed up to study and examine the science, more ni `mat for me

Compared to frolic and have fun with a beautiful woman

I'm moving to and fro to solve scientific problems

Better and more interesting than the delicious taste

We owe our country in the use of land, the result, and social institutions, of our old people who have been with the business process and their efforts, as well as those redeemed by the blood and their souls, so that this country has reached us in a state noble and dignified.

We also owe a matter of belief and faith in us that we are proud of this, and that we keep talking about ni `mat Allah Almighty to us for guidance and His ethical teachings given to us through this religion, the pious Salaf generation who bear a wide difficulty and pain in bringing this treatise on the first, and who have sacrificed their blood and souls to face the enemies of Islam to convey this religion to the people after them, they also remove many obstacles that have been spread by his detractors, denial and This religion is a liar. Masihiah martyrs in the first three centuries of the birth of the Messiah, as are people who have contributed to all believers who feel the delicacy Masihi submit to Christ and his teachings. And the martyrs of Islam during the Prophet and the caliphs after him, are people who have contributed to all mankind on the mat ni `Islam and its civilization are eternal.

Thus, we as a generation has now indebted to the previous-generation genersai in the whole of what we `ni die today as a result of the sacrifices, struggles and attitude of those who put the interests of others. So if we continue sepatutnyalah The set of their sacrifice so that we can deliver this honor to Keni generas `next-generation as has been done by generations before us. Is our current generation to appreciate the meaning of sacrifice and put the interests of others? Does our generation have a certain character like this, which has been ordered by the shari'ah `at Allah and the rules of morality?

Actually, the lives we live today almost have to remove the remnants of this beautiful human character. Wherever you run and wherever you look sisii-side of our social life today, you will undoubtedly find the selfishness that has overcome all things. You find selfishness of a father who master it in conjunction with his children, egoism husband / wife to hang in conjunction with the wife / husband, selfish leaders who master it in conjunction with the community under his leadership, selfishness of the rich and the haves are very visible in their attitude towards the poor, workers and farmers.

Selfishness has mastered all elements of the nation. Traders trade only concerned with profit, the farmer is only concerned with p ertaniannya, and the only important work of government employees; selfishness is what has lifted confidence among each other in the community, which decides the bond of affection between family members, and weaken the bond between humanity humans. So that a neighbor away with his neighbor, and a friend escape from sahabatnnya, when we're in desperate need of cooperation to face the difficulties of life and botheration. However, in our society there are still remnants of mascara altruism that gives hope for the disappearance of this selfishness in our society.

Ie those who gave their lives to become a martyr in liberating Palestine, those who have sacrificed their souls in the struggle for independence of our country, those who have helped with the social institutions and fund their businesses, their dams themselves as the torch bearer of reform community when people are in their negligence. They were pioneers with a spirit of sacrifice and carpenter carriers altruism. We hope that their number continues to grow in quality and quantity over time.

Dear reader!

We are in a noble, who invite to goodness, and encourages the selfishness of others. Therefore, let us consider the principles iitsar altruistic attitude in our belief, and the influence it in our history. From there we can reveal the glorious fragrance of humanity, which at present have been covered by ambition and lust.

When the Prophet and his companions to migrate from Mecca to Medina, he unite in friendship between the mu `minin of the immigrants with the mu` minin from among the Ansar. Namely by making for each individual of the Ansar a brother of the Muhajir. The sister of the Ansar who was carrying his brother come from the immigrants to his home, and then divide by two all that he had with his brother from muhajirin: it bisects his property, clothes, food, vehicles, and treat it in front of him and his family as a lover to lover. He did not hesitate to help him, and give advice and a helping hand. So that the muhajirin forget the suffering of those who have left their hometown, family and wealth. So the Koran noted the phenomenon iitsaar a commendable altruism is to be eternal lesson for future generations. Read the word of Allah SWT following:

And those who have occupied the City of Medina and have faith (Ansar) before (arrival) they (immigrants), they love those who emigrate to them. And they not put the desire in their hearts against anything given to them (the immigrants), and their priority (those immigrants), upon themselves. Even if they require (what they gave it). And who kept him from avarice, they are the lucky ones. (Al Hashr: 9)

Allah says about those who sacrifice their souls in defense of truth and goodness, as follows:

Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead; Nay, they live in, finding their sustenance with their Lord. (Ali Imraan: 169.)

And spoke of his servants who do good not because the purpose of getting praise and replies from others, as follows:

And they provide food they like to the poor, orphans and people are held captive. Indeed, We gave the food to you is to expect the pleasure of Allah, we do not want a reply from you nor (words) thank you. (Al Insaan: 8-9)

When the Prophet decided to move from his house which was surrounded by the Mushrikeen and they intend to kill him, the bed he was succeeded by his uncle's son, Ali bin Abi Talib ra He chose to be a victim of the Prophet, and make her as human shields facing the Mushrikeen swords that are ready to cut her body and on his life. That way, he has been willing to sacrifice himself for the guidance of the Prophet bearer for all mankind.

When the man had suffered during the famine and drought Umar, Umar could only sleep a wink and can only take a break. All his attention directed to eliminate hunger from the people. His efforts were continued to burden him, so that his body turned black and fell. So people who see themselves as there is a saying: if famine persists in a few months, surely Umar could die of grief and suffering to see the suffering of its people.

One day came a caravan carrying goods from Egypt to bring the meat, cumin oil, food, and clothing materials, and then he gave away all of themselves to the community, and would not take part at all. He then told the head of the caravan: I invite you to my house to eat later. The head of the caravan immediately imagine a delicious, delicious food. Because he thought that the food consumed by Amir Mu `minin certainly better and more tasty than ordinary food. So in the spirit of Umar he came to the house, while holding hunger, thirst and tiredness. There, Omar immediately prepare food for him. But what made the surprise guest was apparently the food consumed by Amir Mu `minin is not a food such as meat, oil saming, grilled meats and sweets. The food was nothing more than pieces of the dry black bread, with berlauk small dish of oil. It made the room very shocked, and he immediately asked Umar: why you told me not to eat with other people with food from the meat and cumin oil, even thou serve me food that is consumed is simply not worth it?. Umar said: I just gave you food to regular food I consume. He again asked: what prevents you to memakanan same foods consumed by the public, when you yourself who had distributed the meat to the public?. Umar said: I have promised myself not to eat meat to oiled samin and Muslims have all been satisfied with both types of food.

What a great carpenter iitsaar altruism that has been shown by Umar was not it? And if his attitude is unparalleled in the world?

History has told us the contributions and sacrifices that have been given by the women of Paris during the war of the seventies (19th century). Until they voluntarily give up their jewelry to help pay the fine imposed upon the people of Paris Jermah as a ransom to free them from the military siege. The attitude of the women of Paris is a great example of the introduction of general interest and sacrifice. However, if the level of sacrifice they were able to match the magnitude of the sacrifice of Muslim women at the time of the Prophet, the Prophet while encouraging them to contribute and Sadaqah, and spontaneously all women to take off all their jewelry is not left at all and they gave to the Prophet Saw, for then he use such property for the benefit of Muslims. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Donations in time of war to face the onslaught of the enemy is an act that is very commendable. However, while contributing to peace as a contribution to public welfare projects while expecting a reply Allah SWT is an act that is more commendable again. Not surprisingly, women's services we are donating their jewelry at the time of peace, is more enduring and more praiseworthy of actions women of Paris who have donated their jewelry during the war.

Dear readers

Among our pious woman, the woman known expert in the history of worship in the name of Rabi `ah` Adawiah. Among the string of words munajatnya to God Almighty that he recited in his worship is eternal sentences are:

O God, I pray thee not from fear of hell fire you, nor because of thy hope of heaven. But I do it because you have the right to be worshiped. And he often hummed sya `ir this:

I love Thee with two loves: love lust

And love because You are worthy to be loved

So, why do not we can reach a height of greatness of soul and attitude of altruism and sacrifice such as that achieved by Rabi `ah` Adawiyah; are we doing good just because it's good, and for the common man, with praise and do not expect a reply from them , but we do it simply because Allah SWT?. Why we do not do good for our brothers, our neighbors and all mankind, we remember their needs before our needs, and their interests before our interests, without waiting for payment and return?

O people, always remember Allah SWT says the following:

And they provide food they like to the poor, orphans and people are held captive. Indeed, We gave the food to you is to expect the pleasure of Allah, we do not want a reply from you nor (words) thank you. (Al Insaan: 8-9)...

Manners Speaks

A. All talks accept to be good, (QS 4/114, and QS 23/3), mentioned in the hadeeth of the Astrologer SAW:

"Those who accept in GOD and again let the day end of said able-bodied or bigger still." (Bukhari Muslim)

2. Should allege acutely and correctly, as in the hadeeth of A'ishah:

"That the words of the Astrologer Muhammad was consistently bright so that it can be accepted by all who hear." (Abu Daud)

3. Balanced and abstain drawn-solution, based on the Astrologer SAW:

"Those who abhorrence me and batten batten abroad from me afterwards in the day of acumen is the being who acted in a lot of allocution and talk." Again it was said: O Messenger of Allah we accept to apperceive the acceptation of ath-tsartsarun and mutasyaddiqun, again what is the acceptation of al-mutafayhiqun? Again the Astrologer SAW said: "Orang2 snob." (Tirmidhi and dihasankannya)

4. Abstain a lot of talk, because not anguish arid to hear, as in the hadeeth anecdotal by Abu Wa'il:

Ibn Mas'ud ra was consistently accomplished us every Thursday, the man said: O abu ABDURRAHMAN (Ibn Mas'ud title)! If you ambition to advise us every day? Again Ibn Mas'ud said: Surely no one is befitting accomplish your wish, I just anguish about your boring, because I will never ask for such a astrologer SAW and said he afraid about arid us (HR Agreed alaih)

5. Repeating the words that are important if needed, from Anas that the Astrologer SAW was speaking again he SAW echo 3 times so that all who apprehend it to understand, and if he came home SAW SAW anyone again he was adage accost 3 times. (Bukhari)

6. Abstain a apocryphal saying, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"Behold a assistant of said one chat to amuse GOD Almighty that he did not anticipate that will get so so acclaimed by the Almighty GOD for HIS amusement of the being until afterwards the Day of Judgment. And a man absolute a individual chat acrimony of Almighty GOD that he thinks will not so, again the Almighty GOD that this almanac until the Day of Judgment. "(Tirmidhi and he said saheeh hasan hadeeth; aswell anecdotal by Ibn Majah)

7. Steer bright of acrimonious debate, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"It is not a humans adrift afterwards accepting advice to them, but because too abundant arguing." (Reported by Ahmad and Tirmidhi)

And in addition hadith the Astrologer SAW mentioned:

"I assure the abode that was based anchorage for alienated agitation even admitting he was, and I agreement a abode in the average of heaven for those who abstain lying even in jest, and I agreement a abode in heaven for a acceptable top akhlaqnya." (Abu Daud)

8. Steer bright of angry words, denounced, cursed, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"It is not a accepter if censorious, and speaking mela'nat vile." (Tirmidhi with a saheeh sanad)

9. Abstain a lot of jokes, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"Truly an angry ancillary of GOD Almighty in the approaching Day of Acumen is the being who brand to accomplish humans laugh." (Bukhari)

10. Abstain cogent humans abasement and calling anniversary added with a bad title, based on the QS 49/11, aswell in the hadith astrologer SAW:

"If anyone tells you something and again he goes, the adventure was a authorization for you to accumulate it." (Abu Daud and Tirmidhi and he menghasankannya)

11. Abstain falsehood, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"Signs of actor there are three, if he speaks lies, if he promised to abjure and if accustomed the authorization he was treasonous." (Bukhari)

12. Abstain abuse and pitting, based on the hadith astrologer SAW:

"Do not backbiting anniversary other, and do you guys abhorrence anniversary other, and you do not say annihilation awful to anniversary other, and you do not abstain anniversary other, and you do not win-ghibbah one another, and become agents of GOD are brothers." ( HR Agreed alaih)

13. Accurate and fair in praise, based on the hadith of the astrologer Muhammad Abdurrahman ibn abi Bakrah from his ancestor saying:

There's a acclaim others in foreground of the person, the Astrologer SAW said: "Woe to you, you've aching your brother! You accept aching your brother! "(2 times), again he SAW said:" If anyone wants to acclaim others in foreground of him, say: Enough's so and so, may GOD mencukupkannya, we do not absolve the one ancillary of GOD, and again say fit the reality. "(HR Agreed this is lafzh alaih and Muslim)

And from Abu Mujahid of Ma'mar adage anyone adulation an official angle in foreground of the bin Aswad Miqdad the extravagant, again Miqdad yield beach and baptize on the face of it, again said: The Astrologer ordered us to baptize beach in the faces of humans who addicted of praise. (Muslim)

Manners HEAR

A. Shut up and yield apprehension (QS 50/37)

2. Do not cut / cut talks

3. Exposes the face of the apostle and do not about-face abroad from it all in accordance with Shari'a (not to allege with the adverse sex)

4. Not arresting his brother even admitting he already knew, all sins are not the words.

5. Not feel in his affection that he knows bigger than to talk


A. Sincere and blessed attributes to abstain the limelight

2. Abroad from the acclaimed and able-bodied accepted to

3. Refusal accept to abide admiring and gentle, and not adopting your voice

4. Rejection should be abounding with arguments and taujih

5. Abstain the accident of acute debate

6. Should activate by cogent the accuracy aboriginal afore commenting on the wrong

7. Rejection does not abjure the Law

8. Things that should be discussed is important and can be implemented and not something that has not happened

9. If the debris should be demography into annual the akin of ability the speaker, not to allege above the capabilities of the speaker, who abhorrence a balloon for himself and his religion

10. If the debris should be accurate to accumulate it clean, and abstain abhorrence and alarmist disease.

Wamaa taufiiqi illaa biLLAAH, 'alaihi wa tawakkaltu ilaihi uniib.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sell new? do not be pessimistic first

Yes, according to the aloft appellation I wish to accessible a new mindset for the agent started selling. As we see now, do not abundant go-where, absolutely boxy in this abundance alone, are so abounding online stores. Not to acknowledgment at sites added e-commerce. Whose name seems to accept mushroomed online shop. Now anybody is affective to online selling.

Own can be tough, so we go to the homepage today acquaint so abounding altered types of food that diliat of the artefact and the actualization was actual large. I alone abutting the aboriginal time today, searching at the food to ask myself "is it accessible I could be like this store? '" If I may be able to attempt with food that accept been so great? "

Yes, all kinds of questions occurred to me that fabricated me into a pessimist. Though not go to war but was defeated first. I anticipate for beginners agent aswell accept to accept anticipation things like that right?

Well, we just yield the archetype of adaptable buzz arcade at ITC Roxy Mas Jakarta. We can see for themselves that there it all adaptable buzz shops, both baby and great, from the new alpha up that has been for years. But so far, they all can still survive. Why? Since all people, abnormally in Jakarta and surrounding areas apperceive that if ya wish to buy adaptable phones in the ITC ROXY MAS. And every day humans who accept never been lonely. Hundreds, even bags of humans a day appear over there. So not a boutique may be able to handle so abounding buyers do not you?

Yeah that's one example, able-bodied what do ya in the online world? Relationship, in assumption absolutely the same, the aforementioned bazaar area sellers and buyers meet. Even in the online bazaar is abundant broader than the offline market. All corners of Indonesia, even alfresco Indonesia can see our merchandise. Is not that great? Is not that a acceptable opportunity?

Further, what to do with the agent continues to beginners? From the archetype I gave aloft it is bright that, although there are abounding sellers today are already large. Turnover has exceeded even its offline food anniversary month. And the endless articles that still there are gaps that anybody can get into it.

Yes, it's alleged the Business Opportunities, although a abundance affairs the aforementioned artefact with a boutique B and the prices are not abundant different, they both can survive, both had their corresponding markets, both had the affluence of anniversary are already in God set.

So I wish to columnist already added for the amateur seller, never bleak if searching online abundance that has a big affairs the aforementioned artefact with you. Actually you could be like the store. The befalling is still advanced open. The bazaar is still wide. Moreover, we apperceive that internet users in Indonesia has grown. Why should we be afraid? After all, we are accustomed the befalling by the Multiply Indonesia to beforehand our efforts is not it? Do not decay this opportunity. And one added question, is it accessible the online abundance can accommodated the needs of millions of internet users in Indonesia? Anticipate about it carefully.

You will absolutely accept your own market, although small, but it's a acceptable footfall to footfall to the next level. Do not inferior to that of the seller. Because if you are agog in seeing the opportunity, there is still abundant you can dig ^ ^

Few tips, this is my experience, maybe my accompany aswell never acquainted it. Seller-seller that it would accept been a big gap to enter. Sometimes because so abounding buyers, so they can not handle the buyers one by one so as to accomplish the superior of account to be down. Able-bodied there is allowance for beginners to blow chump seller-customer who is not absolutely clear by the seller-great seller.

Therefore, anniversary agent accept to accept a value-added novice, either in agreement of articles or services. We alpha baby first. Do not be abashed of the already great, because they aswell started small.

Opportunity is still advanced accessible but aswell a lot of competitors. If we do not try so we will not know. Always remained optimistic and active try and pray. I am abiding we are all apprenticed to be successful.

I aswell achievement there are sellers who wish to allotment a little acquaintance of beat the online food that had not annihilation until it is today. In adjustment to seller-seller motivated abecedarian like me.

I represent the seller-seller in today to say a big acknowledge you to the Multiply Indonesia because it provides an befalling for me and my accompany can beforehand the agent for anniversary of our businesses. Hopefully today will be added bertumbuhkembang-sellernya forth with the agent as well.